SprayCast API

Off-target pesticide spray drift is an economically and environmentally significant problem. This drift can damage susceptible crops, orchards, and apiaries, induce herbicide resistant weed development, damage native pollinator habitats, create human-health related pesticide exposure hazards, and create social and legal strife as a result of adjudicating exposure incidents.

To address these concerns, GDA has developed the SprayCast service API. Based on our proprietary Aerosol Drift Model, SprayCast provides highly localized and accurate forecasts of drift related weather conditions and actual aerosol drift potential in real time. 

This service provides an easy to use interface that allows users to enter the latitude, longitude, and elevation of the sprayer, along with details of the pesticide being used and system configuration to calculate the likelihood of pesticide drift and where it may occur. By providing accurate drift potential estimates and their associated uncertainty, SprayCast gives applicators the ability to plan with confidence that they are operating safely and effectively.