IM3UNE User Guide


The IM3UNE app provides an interactive visualization of COVID-19 cases, deaths, hospitalizations, and forecasts in conjunction with the latest hospital capacity information. The forecasts displayed here are generated with the JHU “Bucky” Model.

Using the app

The IM3UNE app contains 2 main components: a map visualization and a plot of the selected data over time. To use the application, select a data stream for visualization (cases, deaths, or hospitalizations). The map will color each geographical region according to the selected data stream. Select the desired geographical resolution for the map (county/state). To view more detailed information for a particular region, click on that region on the map, and a plot of the data stream for that region will display below.


The forecasts shown in IM3UNE are generated using the JHU “Bucky” Model. These forecasts are not produced directly or endorsed by JHU. All forecasts are subject to the quality and availability of the data provided.  Accordingly, these data may only be useful for short-term projections at the county, state or national level to the extent constrained by data quality, modeling assumptions, and model calibration.

Forecasts are shown as the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentile for each data stream. The modeling approaches used by IM3UNE produce forecasts by generating many simulations of continued disease spread, morbidity, and mortality. The percentiles indicate the span of these simulation outcomes from the model. The 75th percentile line for hospitalizations, for example, indicates that 75% of the model simulations produced hospitalization forecasts below this value.

Data Sources

IM3UNE uses the following underlying data sources:

Terms of Use

Please see the terms of use for IM3UNE and the GDA website.

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